ZG. Koopers Mini Vespa Electronic Bicycle – Pepper Red

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Bringing Vespa GTS to life for your child. Ride with Style.

为您的孩子带来Vespa GTS。骑士风格。



Koopers Mini Vespa Electronic Bicycle


  • Suitable from 18 Months up to 36 Months
  •  Maximum weight limit 25KG
  • Top Speed 2.5KM/H
  • Full Charge time 9-10 Hours
  • Up to 60 minutes run time with full charge
  • Minimum charge once per week
  • Equipped with built in battery
  • Equipped with security alert horn
  • Equipped with guarded side wheels
  • Equipped with beaming white lights while running
  • Equipped with baby backrest support
  • Equipped with charger
  • Adult Assembly Required. (screwdriver required)
  • 6 Months Warranty (warranty covers on manufacturer defects and battery only)


  • Adult close supervision required to reduce the risk of injury
  • Strictly forbidden to use on roadways, near motor vehicles, slopes or swimming pools and areas where there is water.
  • Please wear shoes when operating vehicle
  • Only to be used by one person at a time
  • Keep away from children before assembly as there may be sharp edges or small parts
  • To avoid suffocation, keep in plastic bag away from children. Dispose all bags immediately upon opening the box
  • Protective equipment should be worn. Not to be used in Traffic.
  • Regularly check the battery, charger, wire, plug, casing and other parts are damaged; if damages occur, please cease to use this product until it has been repaired.
  • Keep away from fire
  • This product instructions shall be kept as they contain important information.

Addition Information

Dimension:61 × 31 × 35 cm


Koopers Mini Vespa 儿童电动摩托车


  • 适用于18个月至36个月
  • 最大重量限制25KG
  • 最高时速2.5KM / H
  • 充满电时间9-10小时
  • 充满电时长达60分钟的运行时间
  • 每周最少充电一次
  • 配备内置电池
  • 配备安全警报喇叭
  • 配备有防护的侧轮
  • 跑步时配备喜气洋洋的白光
  • 配备婴儿靠背支持
  • 配备充电器
  • 需要成人安装。 (需要螺丝刀)
  • 6个月保修(保修仅涵盖制造商的缺陷和电池)


  • 需要成人密切监督以减少受伤风险
  • 严禁在道路,机动车,斜坡或游泳池以及有水的地方使用。
  • 驾驶车辆时请穿鞋
  • 一次只能由一个人使用组装前请远离儿童,因为可能有锋利的边缘或小的零件
  • 为避免窒息,请将塑料袋放在远离儿童的地方。打开盒子后立即处置所有袋子
  • 应穿戴防护装备。不得在流量中使用。
  • 定期检查电池,充电器,电线,插头,外壳等零件是否损坏;如果发生损坏,请在修复之前停止使用该产品。
  • 远离火源
  • 应保留本产品说明,因为其中包含重要信息。


重量: 6.35KG
大小尺寸:61 × 31 × 35 cm


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