ZG. Daily Supplies Chicco Concentrated Softener (750ml)

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-Freshens and softens all of baby’s garments without irritating sensitive skin.
-Hypo-allergenic, no colouring and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
-Concentrated formula.
-With «odour off technolgy» that removes odours leaving clothes clean and delicately scented.
-Available in three delicate fragrances: Sweet talcum, Delicate flowers and Tender touch.

– 使婴儿的所有衣物清新和柔软,不会刺激敏感的皮肤。
– 低过敏性,无着色,并在敏感皮肤上进行皮肤病学测试。
– 浓缩配方。
– 使用“除臭技术”去除异味,让衣服保持干净并散发出淡淡的香味。
– 提供三种精致的香味:甜滑石粉、娇嫩的花朵和温柔的触感。


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