ZG. Daily Supplies Chicco Baby Moments No-Tears Shampoo

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• Made in Italy
• No tears formulation
• SLS and SLES free
• Parabens Free
• Dyes and alcohol free
• Clinically tested on sensitive skins
• Hypoallergenic
• Respect of the physiological pH
• Presence of main specific ingredient
• Gently cleanses fine delicate baby’s hair without irritating the eyes. The no-tears formula contains pot marigold which has softening properties to moisturise the hair and prevent the formation of tangles.
• No Preservatives.
• No Parabens.
• Dyes and alcohol free.
• Clinically tested on sensitive skins. Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of skin allergies).

• 意大利制造
• 无泪配方
• SLS 和 SLES 免费
• 不含防腐剂
• 不含染料和酒精
• 在敏感皮肤上进行临床测试
• 低过敏性
• 尊重生理 pH 值
• 主要特定成分的存在
• 温和清洁婴儿细腻的头发,不会刺激眼睛。无泪配方含有金盏花,具有软化特性,可滋润头发并防止形成缠结。
• 无防腐剂。
• 不含防腐剂。
• 不含染料和酒精。
• 在敏感皮肤上进行了临床测试。低过敏性(配方可最大限度地降低皮肤过敏的风险)。


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