ZG. Daily Supplies Chicco Baby Moments No-Tears Bath Shampoo

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Chicco Baby Moments “No Tears” Bath Shampoo, 0m+
Two products in one – perfectly suitable for being used as bath essence and as gentle cleanser for baby’s sensitive skin and soft hair. Pamper your sweetheart with a bath that has the most pleasant fragrance.
A nice warm bath is not only a great possibility for cleansing baby’s skin but also for strengthening the relation between new parents and their little baby by giving gentle caresses and playing little water games.
The natural ingredients of the Chicco bath shampoo are calendula and marigold which soothe the skin and relieve irritations in a natural way.
The smart “No Tears” formula does not sting your baby’s eyes.
Unlimited bathing fun for young and old! The skin care series “Baby Moments” consists of hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products with safe ingredients which are suitable for the sensitive skin of your baby.
All products are free from parabens, alcohol and colorants have a skin-friendly ph-value.
Chicco’s products are manufactured under strictest quality controls in Italy.

Chicco Baby Moments “No Tears”沐浴露,0m+
两种产品合二为一 – 非常适合用作沐浴精华和婴儿敏感皮肤和柔软头发的温和清洁剂。沐浴最宜人的香气,呵护您的爱人。
Chicco 沐浴露的天然成分是金盏花和金盏花,能以自然的方式舒缓皮肤并缓解刺激。
老少皆宜的无限沐浴乐趣!护肤系列“Baby Moments”由低过敏性和经过皮肤病学测试的产品组成,成分安全,适合宝宝敏感的皮肤。
所有产品均不含对羟基苯甲酸酯、酒精和着色剂,具有对皮肤友好的 ph 值。
Chicco 的产品在意大利在最严格的质量控制下制造。


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